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Stargate 6 Go Locker Theme

1.49 usd

Works with ALL versions of Android including versions 4.1+!!! Read below first!!!NOTE: Make sure to have Go Locker AND Go Launcher installed! (You do not have to actually use Go Launcher--you just need it on your device--and the newest version of Go Locker works without Go Launcher installed, but with some functions unavailable) This is only a theme for Go Locker. Do not open this after it is installed, it will show up automatically in your Go Locker menu.
Go Locker themes are automatically added to the themes menu within the Go Locker app. Please do not rate the theme poorly for install issues. If you continue to have problems, please contact us and well help you out!***
Step through the Stargate and open up new worlds! Enjoy this Stargate inspired Go Locker Theme! 6 unlocks! (5 for custom shortcuts, 1 for unlock). Get Stargate 6 Go Locker Theme, a unique and high performance lockscreen for your phone!
To use, you need to touch the shortcut you desire on the "DHD" and then swipe to the center. When you release your finger, it will open your shortcut. You can change the shortcuts by opening the "Theme set" from within the themes menu in Go Locker. ***EXTRA NOTE: Due to recent updates with Go Locker, the shortcuts cannot be customized. If this feature is important to you, please contact the Go Locker developers to let them know you want this function fixed (I have already done so as well). I hope it gets fixed soon, but please be aware of this before leaving any negative feedback concerning the issue.***
Features:-The gate activates and ripples with animation when you select your shortcut!-Missed calls and Unread text notifications displayed with icons-Choose any 5 customizable shortcuts to any app!*The shortcut on the top/center is changed by the second shortcut in the theme set menu (as shown in the screenshot).-Battery percentage always shown.*Battery turns red when low and green when charging.-Compatible with Go Locker exit animations!-Works with Go Locker Music Controls!-Choose your own custom background!-Supports 24 hour clock format.
NOTE: Make sure to have Go Locker installed! This is only a theme for Go Locker. Do not open this after the "2nd" install, it will show up automatically in your Go Locker menu.
Please contact us with any comments or issues and let us know what you want to see added/improved and released next (such as a different color scheme).
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Special thanks to Stephen Meli for letting me use his .blend rendering of the gate! It makes the theme look even more awesome!